Our Bakery Story

Started in 1936 in the Sandfields community in Swansea we have quietly been making cakes, breads and Confectionary for nearly 75 years. Wilfred Charles Lewis a baker took pride in his hand made breads.

Throwing open the bakery doors to let out the irresistible smell the local population would flock for fresh bread and whatever treats were being made on that day. The bakery has thrived for three generations, encompassing a family of staff that have countless years experience and thousands of wonderful products.

We thought it was about time we shared all of this wonderfullness with the rest of the world.  Focusing on our very best products we have freshened up our brand and started shouting about the great work we are doing.  We are always looking for new ideas and delivering great products – we would love to hear your ideas, please get in touch.

The Lewis Bakery is now focused on delivering quality products with Welsh ingredients, with a fleet of delivery vehicles across South and West Wales we are happy to drive our fab products too you or bring out some samples.